Illuminate Studios

Never stop moving. Never stop building. Never stop growing.



Founded in 2021, Illuminate Studios is known in West Bend, WI and the neighboring communities for its fitness classes, dance training and community building. Our teachers are experienced professional dancers with impressive careers. We are built off of some of the best the community has to offer!

Illuminate Studios has a large variety of classes for every skill level from beginner to professional. Whether you are interested in a career in dance or looking to have some fun through a great form of exercise, we have a class that’s right for you! We even partnered with Green Mountain Smoothie and Juice Bar to offer the best supplements to pair with your overall health and wellness.

Illuminate not only has regular adult classes, we offer private/group youth classes/training and events perfect for date night, the stay at home mom looking to rebuild her brand, the fitness junkie who lifts and wants to bulk up and the college student looking to integrate better into the community. 

Check out our fitness classes and regular offerings using the "Services" link